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Miriam Lucia

The Clerkenwell Actors Studio

Ongoing training for professional actors

Acting is a constantly evolving exploration,
rather than a progression towards a fixed goal. - Harold Guskin

Advanced actor training in the heart of London

Whether you've recently graduated from drama school, or have been working professionally for years, CAS runs a weekly drop-in class in order to work your acting muscle, hone your skills, and increase your confidence for upcoming auditions and acting roles.

Group and individual coaching sessions are available throughout the year as well as regular productions to showcase your work to the industry.


Regular Classes & Training


Scene Study & Cold Reading


Preparation for Castings


Preparation for Acting Roles

What members say…

Suzie Garton
I think CAS is a complete gift. It's great to be able to drop-in once a week, touch base with a community and prepare for roles or play in a safe, supportive environment. The feedback from everyone is invaluable, and it's great the way that Miriam runs the class - she always makes sure that everyone gets a fair crack at the whip!
The Clerkenwell Actors Studio
Liam Harkins
The best thing about CAS is that when I have an audition coming up, I know I have a safe space practice and get invaluable feedback from Miriam and other great actors. So by the time I go into an audition, it's second nature because I've already performed it. That alone has been a benefit to me.
The Clerkenwell Actors Studio
Philippa Carson
I constantly recommend the Clerkenwell Actors Studio to actors I know.
Miriam is an amazing director and everybody here is so welcoming.
The Clerkenwell Actors Studio
Daniel Oldroyd
I started taking classes at CAS as soon as I left drama school. I'd 100% recommend it to anyone who's serious about acting simply because Miriam's such a fantastic teacher - it's nice to be working with a director who cares so much about working with actors and developing them.
The Clerkenwell Actors Studio

“The audience perceives only what the actor
wants to do to the other actor.” – David Mamet


Keep up to date with all that's happening at CAS